Peace Brigades International-USA is a movement of committed individuals united in a common vision of promoting peace and human rights and a key part of the larger international organization.

National Coordinating Committee

PBI-USA is governed by the National Coordinating Committee (NCC), our board of directors. This group is composed of professors, organizational specialists, attorneys, peace and human rights activists, former PBI field volunteers, and others. The NCC meets twice each year for its national board meetings at various locations around the United States.


Amelia Parker, Executive Director

PBI-USA also utilizes interns and specialized volunteers to accomplish our work.

Field Volunteers

PBI-USA recruits U.S. volunteers for all five PBI field projects, currently in Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Indonesia, and Nepal. Field volunteers work to provide protective accompaniment to human rights defenders threatened for their work and includes international observation, monitoring and advocacy work for an end to human rights abuses and non-violent conflict resolution. There is a minimum commitment of 12-16 months, depending upon the Project country. > more...

To learn more about current U.S. field volunteers visit our volunteer profiles section.

Field Volunteer Alumni

Over 500 U.S. citizens have participated in PBI field volunteer positions over the last 30 years.

To join the PBI Field Volunteer Alumni Network, contact Amelia Parker, Executive Director.