On May 23, PBI-Colombia tweeted:

“We accompany @Nomadesc in #Yumbo at the catholic and ancestral ceremonies in memory of Michael Joan Vargas López, having passed on May 17, one year since the murder of the young man in the framework of the national strike.”

Las2Orillas has reported:

“Michael Joan Vargas López, 23 years old, died in Yumbo, on 5/17. He also participated in the demonstration in the La Estancia neighborhood. A bullet hit him in the head. According to judicial authorities, preliminary evidence points to the police.”

Last year, El Tiempo also reported:

“From April 28 to May 24, the Attorney General’s Office has received a report of 43 people who died during these days, and of those, it has already been determined that at least 17 deaths have a direct link with the national strike.”