Photo: Amnesty International-USA

PBI provides support to human rights and environmental defender, Jani Silva, who despite threats against her life, continues to fight for the conservation of the Amazon ecosystem and the rights of hundreds of peasants (campesinos) in In Putumayo, Colombia. This woman has been campaigning against oil extraction in the Amazon for years. Oil slicks pollute the soil and drinking water in the habitat of hundreds of farmers, and an endless number of animals and plants.

Because of her work, Jani and her family had to flee the community in which they lived in 2017. Since then, the death threats have continued unabated.

Colombia is the most dangerous place in the Americas to be an environmental defender. People like Jani, who defend the Colombia’s rich eco-system and those who live within it, are attacked, persecuted and killed every day. Jani faces threats from illegal groups, the military, drug traffickers and multinational companies.”


This year, Amnesty International is drawing extra attention to Jani's dire situation by calling on people to write a direct letter to the President of Colombia asking them to immediately provide Jani with appropriate protection.

Get involved, write a letter with one click of your mouse , and help human rights defender Jani continue her work safely.