On June 2nd, Leslie Vásquez, a student from the University of San Carlos (USAC) who opposed the candidacy of Walter Mazariegos for the rector of the university, was pursued and harassed by men in a truck in Zone 8 of Guatemala City. Two other students who publicly opposed Mazariegos’ candidacy reported similar incidents. Mazariegos was appointed rector after groups of voters who opposed him were blocked from entering the voting area by National Civil Police officers and unidentified, hooded men.

The Human Rights Ombudsman Jordan Rodas condemned the harassment and called for an investigation by the Public Ministry, tweeting, “I condemn this cowardly intimidation against Leslie Vásquez, student representative of the opposition to Walter Mazariegos, [Vásquez] is being subjected to persecution for her clear position regarding the USAC fraud.”

Seven electoral bodies representing various university departments were disqualified from voting in a meeting prior to the election, leading to widespread claims of fraud, including by the other candidates, Jordán Rodas and Carlos Valladares. Student protests and occupations of university buildings have been ongoing since the May 14th election.