Today Peace Brigades International - USA kicks off our three-day-long 2022 Flash Fundraising Drive. Our goal is to raise $15,000 in three days from September 27th - 29th and we have recruited a stellar team of fundraisers to help us reach our goal Please join us today in supporting Peace Brigades International during this short but sweet fundraising drive by making a donation. Pick the fundraising team member of your choice and let's see what our collective efforts are able to achieve!

Your support will help us achieve our mission: providing protection and support to threatened  human rights defenders in the countries where Peace Brigades has a presence. No other organization in the world supports threatened human rights defenders in the way Peace Brigades does. We stand alongside human rights defenders, we learn from them, and echo their voices. We keep them safe, and we work to ensure their voices are heard.

Will you help us reach our goal?

Each day human rights defenders speak out for the rights of others. Each day they risk their livelihoods, their liberty and, in many cases, their lives. Attacks, abductions, and assassinations are on the rise - over 350 peaceful defenders were murdered for their nonviolent human rights work in 2021, and thousands more faced threats, harassment, and wrongful arrest.

With your donations, Peace Brigades International provides life-saving support to community leaders and other human rights defenders in some of the most dangerous countries in the world, with field projects in Latin America, Asia and Africa. For the next three days, we’ll share how your dollars support Peace Brigades’s protection work around the world. Please consider making a donation today! 

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