Team PBI-USA Fundraising Toolkit

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Thank you for dedicating a few days this year to fundraising for Peace Brigades International - USA. The funds you raise will make a big impact in helping to keep threatened human rights defenders safe and more specifically for 2024, funds raised will help cover the cost of our upcoming National Gathering to be held in Washington, DC. Details to be shared soon.

For our 3-Day Flash Fundraiser, we use the Givebutter platform. Team member fundraising on Givebutter is what’s often referred to as “peer-to-peer fundraising” by folks in the nonprofit industry. Team members receive credit for donations by sharing your custom link, and any donations made will automatically be credited to you. Without using the link, donors still also have the option to assign a donation to a specific team member, to ensure credit goes to the correct party. See more below.

We truly appreciate you being a part of Team PBI-USA! Let’s gather our collective energy and raise some much needed funds for the work of PBI! Together we can be a part of the solution to a more just and peaceful world.

Becoming a Fundraiser

First step to becoming a fundraiser with Team PBI-USA is creating your fundraising page. Click on the link below to create a login, set your goal, and share your personal story. You can also join the fundraising campaign by clicking on the fundraise button on the campaign page. Once your page is personalized, you are all set to start fundraising!

Note: If you’d prefer to use a Network for Good, PayPal, Cashapp, Venmo, or other donation platform for your fundraiser, we’d be happy to help set that up and have the funds raised count towards our flash fundraiser!

Creating a Member Profile

Once you click the link above to join our campaign (or the Fundraise button), you'll be asked to create a Givebutter login. If you already have one, click Sign in at the bottom of the pop-up window instead of entering new information.


Make Sure Your Fundraising Profile is Strong!

Edit your page to add photos and videos to bring interest to your profile and story. Personalizing your page is the best way to motivate people you know to support your efforts.

  • Set a High Goal. If you set your goal at the minimum amount needed, donors are likely going to stop donating to your page once you hit that goal. Set an aggressive goal and you are not only more likely to meet your fundraising minimum but you could go above and beyond!
  • Start Small and Build. Ask a few close friends to donate before you invite your broader network to support your efforts. Those few initial gifts will help people feel that they are joining a successful campaign.
  • Activate your Network. Use the tools available on your campaign page to contact your network and ask for donations. Social media, email, texts, and phone calls are great ways to engage people you know. Use the tips provided below to guide your strategy.

Ready! Set! Go Fundraise!

Once you sign up to join our team as a fundraiser and complete your profile, you are now ready to fundaise!

See below for more tips on finding and approachig donors.

Fundraising Tips

Thank you for fundraising for PBI-USA! Your efforts make a difference to our organization. We hope the tips shared below will help you succeed.

Finding Donors

  • Self-Donations. Consider donating to your page to get things started, even if it’s small it will show you believe in your own efforts!
  • Draft Potential Donor List. Think of people that you can count on for their support – friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. 
  • Segment your Donors. For best results contact your potential donors in the way that is best for them. While sending a group email might be the easiest method for you, a personal email or phone call to key contacts might be best for them. Lay out your approach and group your contacts by the best form of contact. Start with friends and family, co-workers, and fellow volunteers.

Reaching Out

  • Ask, then Follow Up. People want to support you, but everyone is busy and forgets. Follow up with your supporters, send updates to help remind them of your efforts and personalize your requests.
  • Turn-it-Around Fundraising. Remember those people that have asked you to buy products they sell, purchase cookies from their kids, support school events and donate to their charitable fundraisers? Now is the time to turn around and ask them to support YOUR efforts!
  • Update Often. Don’t just send out asks, send out updates on your progress as well. Let your donors know when you’ve reach certain milestones, or if there has been an exciting update from Peace Brigades or the human rights defenders we accompany. Consider making posts on the campaign page as well, finding unique ways to show your progress and appreciation of donors.

Thank Them. Be sure to personally thank your supporters, either by email, phone, eCards or in person. They want to know you appreciate them. Be sure to include an update on the campaign’s progress.

How to Be Persuasive

Share A Story.

Tell your audience your PBI story. Why did you choose to fundraise for PBI? If you don’t have a PBI story, share a social media post from a PBI project. A compelling story is always more likely to draw in donors.

Apply a Personal Touch.

You want to reach as many donors as possible, but you do not want to sound as if you are sending out a mass communication. When contacting important donors, take the time to send individual personal asks. Naturally, personal phone calls, texts, and emails will be more effective than group emails and social posts. Donors want to hear directly from you!

Gmail Suite or BCC.

Different mail clients provide ways to hide an email list when sending one message to multiple recipients. Gmail users are ablle to download a plug-in that allows use of a mail merge tool. To prevent sending an email to 100 people and revealing everyone's contact information, instead, others may consider sending the email to yourself and BCC everyone else to protect their privacy.

Set a Calendar Reminder.

Fundraising may be top of mind at first, but it’s easy for other urgent matters to arise. Don't let the need to share the fundraiser be a forgotten thought at the end of each night. Add the fundraiser to your calendar with suggested posts for each day to keep yourself on track.

Create Urgency.

With each post, create a greater sense of urgency, tell your audience you really need their help to hit your fundraising goal or to support peace building work. Explain why they should donate now rather than later. Remind them it's a 3-day fundraiser!

Get Noticed! A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. 

Always share the link with a photo of yourself or a PBI graphic. Your post can easily get lost without an image. See below for PBI photos you can use!

Photo Library

A picture really is worth a thousand words. Use this library to find compelling Peace Brigades photos to include in your social media posts and emails. If you need a photo of something more specific, reach out to Amelia @ PBI-USA by phone (202-232-0142) or by email (

Suggested Language.

Below is some suggested text for general social media posts. If applicable, you should always personalize your post by sharing why this information is important to you.

1. Protective Accompaniment:
I support Peace Brigades International because of their important protective accompaniment work. 

Peace Brigades International recruits, trains, and sends volunteers backed by an international support network to accompany human rights defenders and communities in areas of conflict. Through PBI's physical presence and advocacy efforts, they've helped safeguard the lives and work of activists, journalists, and community leaders, allowing them to continue their vital work without fear of reprisals. Accompaniment has proven to be very effective protection, even where the overall human rights situation was deteriorating and where death squads seemed impervious to external pressure. Since 1981 PBI has successfully protected the lives of thousands of activists while never losing a volunteer.

2. Capacity Building and Training:
I support Peace Brigades International because of their important work providing security training and supporting the capacity building of human rights defenders and the organizations and communities that support them. 

Where there is a clear need for capacity development for human rights defenders which local organizations cannot meet, PBI provides as much support as possible – working in partnership with local organizations whenever possible. In this way PBI aims to support human rights defenders develop their capacity to carry out their work effectively and in relative safety, focusing much of their training on helping human rights defenders improve their security. PBI shares risk analysis tools, provides practical help and advice tailored to defenders’ specific needs, and supports them to develop their long-term security policy and emergency response strategies.

3. Advocacy and Awareness:
I support Peace Brigades International because of their important work in Washington, DC and around the world, raising awareness and advocating for the protection and support of threatened human rights defenders.

Advocacy is key to PBI’s work, and a vital element of international protective accompaniment. PBI’s advocacy efforts have focused on raising awareness about the challenges faced by human rights defenders and advocating for their protection and support at the local, national, and international levels. Through campaigns, policy dialogues, and strategic partnerships, PBI is amplifying the voices of those on the frontlines of human rights struggles and supporting their efforts to advocate for meaningful change.

Below is some suggested text for general social media posts. If applicable, you should always personalize your post by sharing why this information is important to you.

Sample Email/LetterFacebook/Instagram Post:

Dear NAME:

(Insert personal intro for each individual donor: example: It was fun running into you the other day! Or. I hope you are doing well. I’m reaching out to ask for your support on a matter that is important to me.)

I am excited to support PBI-USA during their flash fundraiser. I am a big supporter of their work. (If you have a previous experience with PBI, insert that here: example: In 1999, I served on the PBI-Colombia team, standing alongside threatened human rights defenders in their pursuit  of justice.)

Peace Brigades International recruits and trains volunteers to serve around one year on a team working tirelessly to provide protective accompaniment to human rights defenders facing threats and violence. Through PBI's physical presence and advocacy efforts, they've helped safeguard the lives and work of activists, journalists, and community leaders, allowing them to continue their vital human rights work without fear of reprisals.

Please join me in supporting Peace Brigades International - USA by making an online donation on my personal fundraising page. A gift of any size will help PBI answer the call when help is needed.  Please go here to make your donation now: (Insert your personal fundraising link)

Thanks in advance for your generous support of PBI-USA and for helping me take one more step towards achieving my goal.
Dear NAME:

(Insert personal intro for each individual donor.)

In 2022, over 400 human rights defenders were killed around the world. Since October 7, 2023, over 800 human rights defenders have been killed in Gaza alone. PBI provides protective accompaniment to threatened defenders in eight countries, including Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua/Costa Rico, Colombia, Kenya, Indonesia, and Nepal. PBI also speaks up when major threats to peace and human rights take place such as PBI’s recent calls for an immediate ceasefire in the Israel/Gaza conflict. 

This is why I've agreed to support Peace Brigades International during their annual flash fundraiser. Will you please join me in supporting Peace Brigades International by making a donation online on my personal fundraising page?

Your gift will help ensure that Peace Brigades is able to answer the call when help is needed. A gift of any size will have an impact. Go to the website below to make your donation now.
 (Insert your personal fundraising link)

Thanks in advance for your generous support of PBI-USA and for helping me take one more step towards achieving my goal.

Sample Fundraising Plan

Raising $1,000 can cover the costs associated with a human rights defender’s visit to Washington, DC for advocacy meetings, including travel, lodging, and food. Here is a plan of how you can raise $1000 through your network and enable a defender’s visit to the U.S.

  • Make a self-donation of $50
  • Ask your partner or roommate to match your donation of $50
  • Ask your bestie or mentor or boss for $50
  • Reach out to 10 close family members or friends for $40 each
  • Ask 5 co-workers, classmates, movement buddies or retirement buddies for $20 each
  • Post a message on social media with a link to your page to raise another $200, tagging individuals who haven’t given but are potential donors
  • Send personal emails to your extended family and/or extended professional network to raise $150

Offline Donations

An offline donation includes any funds not coming in through your online fundraising campaign, commonly cash or check. If you receive a cash or check donation, please use the donation form below when mailing it in so we know which donor to credit the funds to. Please DO NOT mail cash. If you receive cash, keep the cash and either submit a donation online to your campaign page in the donor's name, or mail us a personal check for the same amount.

Checks can be made out to the PBI-USA and mailed to:

P.O. Box 75880
Washington, DC 20013

How can I get a copy of a donation receipt?

Contact to request a donation receipt. We will need the name on the card or check used to process the donation and the date of the donation.