Peace Brigades International (PBI) envisions a world in which people address conflicts nonviolently, where human rights are universally upheld and social justice and intercultural respect have become a reality. We believe that enduring peace and lasting solutions to conflicts cannot be achieved by violent means.


PBI works in countries where communities experience violent conflict, intimidation and repression. PBI works to open a space for peace in which conflicts can be dealt with non-violently. We use a strategy of international presence and concern that supports local initiatives and contributes to developing a culture of peace and justice. We work at the request of human rights defenders and in response to their needs. We believe that lasting transformation of conflicts cannot come from outside, but must be based on the capacities and desires of local people. We avoid imposing, interfering or getting directly involved with the work of the organizations we accompany. We don’t provide financial support or development aid to the organizations we work with.

Our work is effective because we take an integrated approach, combining presence on the ground alongside human rights defenders with an extensive network of international support.
The aim of PBI's international presence is to accompany both political and social processes through a joint strategy of deterring violence and promoting active non-violence. Our international teams of volunteers use methods such as protective accompaniment, peace education, independent observation and analysis of the conflict situation. In addition, PBI learns about, develops, and models forms of nonviolent intervention. Where possible, we initiate contacts with all the parties to a conflict in order to inform of our presence.

PBI supports this work through a broad international network of organizations and individuals. Our identity is built upon nonhierarchical structures and consensual processes.

Approved by the General Assembly of PBI, Sweden, 1998