There are a number of ways you can get involved in supporting the work of PBI-USA:

Become a Field Volunteer

Teams of international volunteers provide moral and physical support to threatened human rights defenders and organizations working for social change and the protection of human rights. Register for our upcoming Orientation Weekend to learn about volunteering and start the application process!

Connect with PBI Alumni

Hey former field volunteers and staff - we want to keep in touch with you! Click here to join our former volunteer and staff listserv.

Make a Donation

Help PBI-USA make a difference in the lives of human rights defenders by making a donation to support our volunteers and work today!

Attend a PBI-USA Event

PBI-USA sponsors a variety of events every year. Sign up for our e-newsletter to receive updates regarding PBI-USA news and events. 


PBI-USA is currently seeking an experienced advocacy coordinator to join our team.


PBI-USA is currently looking for human rights interns and new recruits to our National Coordinating Committee (PBI-USA's Board of Directors) as well as other assistance. 

Join the Emergency Response Network

PBI field projects depend on the Emergency Response Network to petition national and international government agencies. By signing up for our e-newsletter, you will be automatically added to our network. As part of the Emergency Response Network, you will become one of many in a community of active participants, encouraging our leaders to stand up for international peace and human rights!