Hey former field volunteers and staff - we want to keep in touch with you!

If you are not currently included in the former volunteers listserv, please send an email to info(at)remove-this.pbiusa.org to ensure we have your most up to date contact details. Over 500 U.S. citizens have participated in PBI field volunteer positions over the last 30 years. PBI often leans on our network of former volunteers, who are already trained, when responding to emergency requests for support. Our network of former field volunteers is not only a great resource for the work of PBI, however, but is also a great resource for former volunteers to remain connected and able to support each other.  

We look forward to reconnecting with you!

Recent activities of PBI's former volunteers:

In November 2016, PBI-USA sent out an informal call for volunteers to go to Standing Rock. This informal call was in response to a call for international support issued by water protectors at Standing Rock who were facing egregious acts of violence committed by the state, including water cannons and concussion grenades being shot at protestors at such a velocity that one protestor almost lost an arm. However, shortly after releasing our informal call, leaders at Standing Rock issued a statement requesting that all non-native individuals leave the camp. Former volunteers worked over the December/January holidays to confirm the statement and ultimately decided that PBI's support was not being requested at this time and PBI must receive an invitation from a directly affected group in order to take on a new accompaniment project. PBI will remain in contact with those on the ground at Standing Rock in case our support is needed in the future.