Article by PBI-Canada.

Photo: Maryanne Kasina, Sophia Sidarous, Tatiana Triana and Meera Karunananthan. To hear them speak, register for this #WHRDday webinar here.

This coming Sunday November 29 is International Women Human Rights Defenders Day. It is a day that recognizes women are on the frontlines of struggles against oppression and engaged in resistance to uphold fundamental human rights.

Peace Brigades International-Canada is celebrating this day and amplifying those struggles with a webinar featuring three inspiring women defenders from Kenya, Colombia and Mi’kma’ki (the traditional territories of the Mi’kmaq peoples in Canada).

The panel will feature Kenyan community activist Maryanne Kasina, Colombian lawyer Tatiana Triana and Mi’kmaq land defender Sophia Sidarous. It will be moderated by Ottawa-based PBI-Canada Board member Meera Karunananthan.

You can register for this webinar by clicking here.

Each of the women defenders featured in this webinar have stood up for justice, supported frontline struggles, and hold a vision for a better world.

During the discussion, they will reflect on: what led them to become a defender, what inspires them to continue to do this work; the personal repercussions they face; what international women human rights defender day means to them; a key struggle for justice they are engaged in now; and how we can help in these struggles.

The format of the 1-hour webinar will include: a welcome and introductions; a 10-minute presentation from each of the speakers; 10-minutes for each speaker to further comment or add on to points raised by the other speakers; 10-minutes for questions from audience members; and wrap-up and staying in touch.

To register for the webinar, please click here.