Article by PBI-Kenya 


Human rights defenders are supporting their communities to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the urban settlements of Nairobi. They are essential in ensuring communities are not forgotten in moments of crisis. Grassroots human rights defenders in the urban settlements in Nairobi have expressed among others the following concerns: lack of water access to sanitation, an increase in gender-based violence, and violations of economic and social rights.


Human rights defenders are redirecting their time, energy, and resources to work on pressing health, water, and sanitation needs in their communities. They often are the ones receiving requests from their community members in this regard. human rights defenders have reported to light the equipment to work safely, for example masks, and to be suffering the same impacts as their community members.


During the exceptional circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, women human rights defenders toolkit organizers from Kibera and Langata with support from PBI-UK help their communities to curb the spread of the disease. Editar, Kate, Christopher, and junior identify the youth as a group that has been left out with regards to getting Corona prevention commodities. They distributed sanitary towels and soap, that they themselves made, two young girls to promote menstrual hygiene during this period when parents are unable to afford these commodities. The team gave face masks to boys and girls and demonstrated how to use them. They also refilled washing points along Karanja road with soap to encourage regular washing of hands, a number of women also got the soap for domestic use.


Asante Sana Toolkit Organizers, we greatly value your work.  


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