On October 4, the Peace Brigades International-Colombia Project posted: “Over the weekend we accompanied the Asociación Campesina del Valle del Río Cimitarra (ACVC-RAN) in Yondo in the Magdalena Medio.”

It adds: “The organization conducted the second module of political training school. The themes were peasant feminism and the environment.”

PBI-Colombia has accompanied ACVC-RAN, a social organization operating in 120 villages in the Magdalena Medio region, since 2007.

It has also previously explained: “For more than twenty years the ACVC has been striving for a dignified life for peasant families affected by Colombia’s internal conflict. It promotes the implementation of the Peace Agreement as a strategy to achieve structural changes in the Colombian countryside. One of its prime initiatives is helping small farmers substitute coca leaf plantations with environmentally sustainable agricultural projects.”

You can find ACVC-RAN on Facebook and Twitter.