Photo: PBI-Colombia accompanies CAHUCOPANA at meeting with United Nations Human Rights representative.

On February 24, PBI-Colombia tweeted: “In Northeast Antioquia communities, leaders and defense organizations such as @CAHUCOPANA at risk due to conflict escalation. Yesterday @CAHUCOPANA traveled to verify possible bombardment between southern Bolivar and Northeast Antioquia.”

The previous day, the UN Office in Colombia tweeted: “[The representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Colombia] Juliette de Rivero met with defenders of CAHUCOPANA and PBI-Colombia to analyze the risk situation in peasant communities in Northeast Antioquia and acknowledge the self-protection measures adopted, such as Humanitarian Shelter houses.”

PBI-Colombia adds to that tweet: “The Office in Colombia of @mbachelet High Commissioner of @ONU_es [the United Nations] for human rights expresses its deep concern at the increase in violence since the beginning of 2022 in various regions of #Colombia and emphasizes the impact on human rights defenders.”

Late last month, Blu Radio reported: “Defenders said that they have made multiple alerts and have warned about the situation [in Antioquia] that has been presented by the presence of different actors of illegal armed groups, in addition, they denounced that the authorities have turned their backs on this situation.”

And on February 23, CAHUCOPANA highlighted: “According to information from the community, there were clashes between the ELN [National Liberation Army] and the National Army, in which there was an exchange of bursts and detonations.”

PBI-Colombia has accompanied the Humanitarian Action Corporation for Coexistence and Peace in Northeast Antioquia (CAHUCOPANA) since 2013.

Caption: “#DefendamosLaVida [defend life] support is provided to organizations such as @CAHUCOPANA in Northeast Antioquia #Colombia, where the implementation of collective and differentiated measures is urgently needed; thanks to [the embassies of Norway, Germany, France and Sweden].”