On February 22, the Peace Brigades International-Colombia Project tweeted: “PBI accompanied @cdpsanjose [Peace Community of San José de Apartadó] in commemoration of the massacre of #Mulatos and #Resbalosa, perpetrated on February 21, 2005, by the Army and AUC [United Self-Defences of Colombia] paramilitaries. 7 members of the @cdpsanjose were killed, including 4 minors and founding leaders.”

Their Twitter thread adds:

This serious crime deeply marked the resistance of the @cdpsanjose, and highlighted the degradation of a war that, more than fighting the rebels, was merciless with peasants who bet on the #peace in the midst of so much violence.

The belligerent actions against @cdpsanjose were not new nor would they cease after #massacre. After this, there were constant accusations and attacks against the @cdpsanjose, as a result of its refusal to have a military presence in its territory.

Of the 66 soldiers investigated for their possible participation in the #massacre, only 6 were convicted and most of the high-ranking officers were released. Despite this, the @cdpsanjose has not lost hope that one day the truth will be clarified.

PBI-Colombia has previously explained: “The final decisive moment for the break with the State occurred following the massacre in the Mulatos and La Resbalosa settlements in February 2005. For the Community, the lack of any substantial response from the Government or the entities in charge after this brutal massacre, was the ultimate proof that the Colombian State was not going to provide protection or justice for the Peace Community.”

PBI-Colombia has also noted: “Of the 66 military personnel who were investigated for their possible participation in the massacre, only 6 were convicted and most of the high commanders who were in charge of the operations in San José de Apartadó were cleared. …During all these years the Peace Community has not lost hope that one day the truth will be revealed and all of those responsible will be made accountable.”

For more, please see The massacre that transformed the Peace Community forever.

On March 23, the Peace Community will mark its 25th anniversary in struggle for life and territory. This photo is from the community’s 24th anniversary.

PBI-Colombia has accompanied the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó since 1999.