On July 11, Casa del Migrante Saltillo tweeted: “This weekend, human rights defenders and journalists from northern Mexico are reflecting on what should be included in a comprehensive public policy for our protection. It was a pleasure meeting you again.”

Espacio OSC also tweeted: “Days past we held a meeting with human rights defenders and journalists from the north of the country to strengthen alliances and exchange protection strategies for the right to defend and freedom of expression.”

Now, Debate further reports: “A clear trend of stigmatization and smear campaigns stand out as patterns of violence against human rights defenders and journalists in the northern states of Mexico.”

“[A regional meeting], that took place in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, with two participants from Sinaloa, was held within the framework of a generation of a public policy of comprehensive protection for human rights defenders and journalists.”

The article further notes: “The organizers were Casa del Migrante Saltillo, Cimac, Article 19, and Peace Brigades International, who promoted in this project a discussion and reflection on the challenges faced by journalists and human rights defenders, and the demand that must be made to the state so that, beyond the mechanism, safe environments are guaranteed to be able to carry out our work.”

The full article can be read at Articulan agenda en favor de periodistas y defensores derechos humanos.