On July 3rd, the teacher and labor leader Edward Iván Cáceres Salgado was murdered in his house in El Bálsamo, Yoro. Salgado taught at the Esteban Moya Institute and at the Pilar M. Martínez Basic Education Center in the municipality of El Progreso, Yoro. Salgado was the Secretary of Cultural and Professional Affairs for the Central Board of Directors of the College of Mid-Level Teachers of Honduras and a member of the Popular Resistance Front of the Libertad y Refoundation Party (LIBRE). In an interview, the former president of COPEMH told reporters that “Everything must be considered, we are not discarding anything at this time… [A] crime like this is not acceptable. A cowardly act: murdered in his own home. Regardless of the cause, it is not acceptable. We must get to the bottom of this and we must find those who ordered it and those who pulled the trigger.” He added that “ the teachers union [has] lived through terrible times, we have been living through terrible times as a country and we have believed that it has passed a little, but we see that things are not stopping, the social conflict continues and is overflowing.”