Planned giving is an arrangement between you and PBI-USA that enables you to make a contribution now that will support PBI-USA in the future. If you have dedicated your life to the protection of human rights and peace and justice, there is no better way to leave your legacy than with a Planned Gift to the important work of Peace Brigades International, allowing you to continue to support the issues that you feel passionately about while ensuring that your charitable intent is honored far into the future.


This is the simplest form of a planned gift. By adding a clause to your will, you can provide a specific amount for a donation, or specify that all or a portion of your residuary estate goes to Peace Brigades International-USA. A bequest may be in the form of cash, securities, real estate, an insurance policy, or other property.  Bequests also reduce the taxable amount of your estate. It is best to talk with your attorney about your wishes. Please contact Amelia Parker, Executive Director, to discuss these options in more detail so that we are sure your unique requests and needs are honored.