On October 18, PBI-Honduras posted: “Last weekend, PBI accompanied Christopher Castillo, Coordinator General of ARCAH to file a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Police Investigation Department.”

“Christopher Castillo, defender of human rights and opponent to the installation of the ZEDEs, had been attacked by an unknown man, who hit him and stole his cell phone: ′′A man started following me, called me by my name and I didn’t answer.””

Paso de Animal Grande adds: “This could be the first direct attack on a human rights defender who opposes the Special Zones of Economic Development (ZEDE).”

Their article further notes: “Castillo is one of the most visible figures against the ZEDE, his voice and his face are seen everywhere, his passion for defending national sovereignty and territories from the dispossession promoted by [the ZEDEs] project.”

La Tribuna notes that Article 2 of the ZEDE Law establishes different types of modalities including special agro-industrial zones, autonomous cities, renewable energy districts (for wind or solar parks), and special mining zones (such as Guapinol).

Canadian investors are reportedly involved in the Mariposa “health sanctuary” ZEDE and a possible “Little Canada” ZEDE in Trujillo.

All forms of ZEDEs have environmental and land rights implications.

PBI-Honduras comments: “We remember the important role of people defending sovereignty, land and territory in the global fight against climate change.”

On April 13, 2021, PBI-Honduras also observed a court hearing for ARCAH environmentalists charged for defending the Choluteca River from the pollution caused by a poultry company. More on that here.